Ladislav Hejdánek Archives

The aim of our voluntary association “The Ladislav Hejdánek Archive” (established in 2011) is to collect, archive, digitalize and publish the work of the Czech philosopher Ladislav Hejdánek.
On our website you will find, above all, a digital archive of Hejdánek’s writings (mostly made up in Czech, but some of them in English, German or French as well).
Contact: Jan Hron (president of the association and webmaster) hronjan (at)
Seat of the association: Bochovská 623/2, Praha 5, 158 00
Our bank account number: 2000247563 / 2010.
Finances are used exclusively to transcribe and digitalise Hejdánek’s writings or audio recordings (you can see our transparent bank account). We will be very thankful for your contributions to our activities – they are solely voluntary-based.