Here you will find a digitized image of Hejdánek's original filing cabinet. Its total volume is many thousand tickets. We publish them in parts as we handle them. At the moment we have worked out what prof. Hejdánek himself developed electronically. However, much work remains on paper cards. In addition to Hejdánek's extracts from reading, the filing cabinet also includes his own thought work from recent years, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Neomezené (APEIRON)

Aristotelés (–384-324)
It remains to disarm the considerations urged in /263/ support of the existence of the unlimited not only as a potentiality but as actually compassed. Some of them do not follow as alleged from the admitted premises; and the rest can be met along some other line od sound reasoning.
(1)Admitting that things never cease to come into being, it does not follow that there actually exists some sense-perceptible body unlimited in quantity; for though the sum of things be limited, things may come out of and pass into each other without end.
(2)Again, being in contact and being limited are different things. Contact is a relation with something else, for there must be something to touch the touched; and this may happen to something limited incidentally; but ,being limited‘ is not a relation. Also a limited thing need not be touched by a thing homogeneous with itself and cannot be touched by any other.
(3)It is futil to trust to what we can conceive as a guide to what is or can be; for the excess or defect in such a case lies not in the thing but in the conceiving. One might conceive any one of us to be many times as big as we are, without limit; but if there does not exist a man too big for the city to hold, for instance, or even bigger than the men we know of, that is not because we have conceived him to exist, but because he does; and whethe we have or have not conceived him to exist is a mere incident.
Fys. III, 8, 208a
(The Physics I, London etc. 1970, p. 261+263
date of origin: červen 2003