Here you will find a digitized image of Hejdánek's original filing cabinet. Its total volume is many thousand tickets. We publish them in parts as we handle them. At the moment we have worked out what prof. Hejdánek himself developed electronically. However, much work remains on paper cards. In addition to Hejdánek's extracts from reading, the filing cabinet also includes his own thought work from recent years, which cannot be found elsewhere.

Novost (Novelty)

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Novelty is the quality of being new. Although it may be said to have an objective dimension (e.g. a new style of art coming into being, such as abstract art or impressionism) it essentially exists in the subjective perceptions of individuals. It also refers to something novel; that which is striking, original or unusual.
Novelty can refer to:
- Novelties, small manufactured adornments; similarly novelty item, a toy or collectible
- Promotional item, novelties used in promotional marketing.
- Novelty (locomotive), one of the first steam locomotives which was due to compete at the Rainhill Trials of 1829
- Novelty (patent), part of the legal test to determine whether an invention is patentable
- Novelty, Missouri, a place in the United States
- Novelty dance, a type of dance that is popular for being unusual or humorous
- Novelty record, a musical album that capitalizes on something new, unusual, or a current fad
- Novelty show, a competition or display in which exhibits or specimens are in way some novel
- Novelty architecture, a building or other structure that is interesting because it has an amusing design
- Novelty effect, the tendency for performance to initially improve when new technology is instituted
- Novelty theory, an eschatological theory promoted by Terence McKenna
- Novelty, a chess term for a move in chess which has never been played before in a recorded game
- Novelty (album) by Jawbox
- The Novelty, a piano-rock band from Poughkeepsie, NY.
- Novelty is also an often used name for Russell Township in Ohio.
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