Here you will find a digitized image of Hejdánek's original filing cabinet. Its total volume is many thousand tickets. We publish them in parts as we handle them. At the moment we have worked out what prof. Hejdánek himself developed electronically. However, much work remains on paper cards. In addition to Hejdánek's extracts from reading, the filing cabinet also includes his own thought work from recent years, which cannot be found elsewhere.

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Miloš Rejchrt ()
Quasi partem mundi voco ut animalia et arbusta. Nam genus animalium arbustorumque pars universi est, quia in consummmationem totius assumptum et quia non est sine hoc universum. Unum autem animal et una arbor quasi pars est, quia, quamvis perierit, tamen id ex quo perit, totum est. Aër autem, ut dicebam, et caelo et terris cohaeret; utrique innatus est. Nihil enim nascitur sine unitate.
(5711, Naturales questiones, II, 3.2.)
I call such things as animals and trees a quasipart of the universe. Now, the class of animals and trees is a part of the universe bacause it is considered in the sum of the whole and because there is no universe without such a class; but a single animal or single tree is a quasi-part because even when it is lost nevertheless the whole from which it is lost is still intact. But the atmosphere, as I was saying, is connected both to sky and to earth; it is innate to both. Moreover, whatever is an inborn part of anything has unity. Nothing is born without unity.
(5711, translated by Thomas H. Corcoran; London etc. 1971, p.105.)
date of origin: březen 2003